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Saturday, February 23, 2013

At it again? Overtly biased coverage against Blue Jays is outrageous

A few years ago I observed the biased manner in which the Blue Jays were covered in the media. It had appeared that they stopped doing this...but recently, I saw this list of headlines at Yahoo Sports:

This is so not cool.

Every single game put the winning team as the subject followed by the active verb, and then the losing team as the object: "[winning team] beat/topped [losing team]" - every game, that is, except the Detroit Tigers - Toronto Blue Jays game, a game in which the Blue Jays had a grand slam and won going away, 10-3.

One would think that the winning team putting up a grand slam would be baseball news, especially since almost every other headline mentioned a player who did something to help the winning team to win ("Stanton drives in 2 runs, Marlins beat Cardinals.") 

Yet, in this game, we see not one, but two Detroit Tigers players, Cabrera and Fielder, mentioned, and no Blue Jay.

No team made more news during this off-season than the Toronto Blue Jays. They've made so many good moves, they are the odds-on favourite to win the 2013 World Series. Shouldn't a team that is apparently doing things right in the world of baseball get a fair shake at fair coverage?

Seems to me, if a major league baseball team is being treated unfairly, it should get a discount on its franchise fees paid to the league. However, as long as it pays full-pop like every other team, it ought to be treated equally.

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