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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ode to the Maple Laffs

Can't fathom how they are worth anyone's valued time.

We've talked about this.

Maple Laffs could push Mr. Rogers over the brink.

Yes, save the children, one by one.

Because a Cup sure ain't in the future any time soon.

So sad. So true.

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  1. I'm hoping against hope that, one day, the Maple Leafs will make me eat these words, which would have to happen if they ever win a Stanley Cup while I'm still alive. As of this date, the organization - ownership, management, scouting, coaches and players - have commanded a degree of respect like never before since 1977 (and, no, the retread era, full of players who came to Toronto after having achieved success elsewhere, does not count). The core of young talent they are developing within the organization - heck, an organization that appears intent on being champions, has not been present since before Harold Ballard took over and ruined this once-proud franchise.