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Friday, June 24, 2011

What do you have on Draft? A trade you say?

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As I sit on my draft throne with my ISS draft guide (best 50$ I ever spent), my netbook, a bottle of scotch, some chicken wings, and a 55" LCD television, I am reminded of why I love draft day.

The trades!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Mac's 2011 1st Round NHL Mock Draft - Picks 1 through 20

Alas, my new job is keeping me insanely busy, and my final exam Friday night doesn't help. As a result, here is the rest of my mock draft!

With the 1st overall selection, the Edmonton Oilers select, from the Red Deer Rebels of the WHL, Ryan Nugent Hopkins.

This is a dead lock in my mind. While other centreman have great stature in the top 10 (think Couturier, Huberdeau, and Zibanejad), the Oilers would be foolish not to take a guy like RNH. The guy has incredible vision and playmaking abilities, and is going to be their franchise centreman while Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle fly on the flanks. A wicked, wicked line for years to come.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Big Mac's 2011 NHL First Round Mock Draft - Picks 21 to 30

With the 21st overall selection, the Ottawa Senators select, from the Peterborough Petes, Matt Puempel.

As a Leafs fan this hurts. Arguably the best sniper in the draft who dropped in the rankings due to an injury, seeing him go to the Leafs main rival is an extra sting as he is exactly the kind of player Toronto wants and needs. He may need some work on his defence, but most snipers do, and you can't teach the kind of shot and release he brings.

Tim Thomas and the NHL buffoons

I was doubly shocked by this play, take a look…

A goalie playing the player and not the puck was shocking enough. There was no penalty (interference, roughing...), Boston fans cheered as though was a great play, and this all just goes to show (once again) NHL's wacko culture.

There and Back Again... a Sports Bloggers Tale

Alas, so much time has passed since my previous posts... real life and its trials and tribulations wait for no one I suppose!

That said, it is time to awaken.

And now, I bring to you, from the lightning clouds of Venus will a bullet, the long lost D from D&D brings to you from the ether...... my 2011 NHL Draft Preview.

That's right ladies and gents, this is a magical time of year for the truly hardcore hockey afficionados. While I've been fortunate to have attended the 2002, 2008, and 2009 drafts, I was unable to attend last years draft (it was in LA, and the pocketbook did not lend itself favourably), and due to an unexpected but very fortuitous move back into the city of Toronto from the suburbs my plans to attend this years draft in Minnesota fell by the wayside as well due to... well... cost again! As much as I'll miss being one of the devout few, still sitting in the stands during round 5 with the bags under the eyes and the multiple empty coffee cups that both litter the ground and have dripped onto my meticulously prepared draft prep guide on my lap, nothing can take away the thrill of these 2 days for me.

However, what I will be doing this year is a lot of draft-heavy blogging. Over the next 3 days, I will be doing a mock draft of how I see the draft unfolding (barring trades), posting 10 at a time. Next weekend, I will be writing profiles on my most preferred (and realistic) hopes for who the Maple Leafs will select with their picks. During the draft, I will be blogging my thoughts about what is going on, quite simply just thinking out loud! I hope you all enjoy!

Look later today for slots 21-30 of the 1st round!