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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tim Thomas and the NHL buffoons

I was doubly shocked by this play, take a look…

A goalie playing the player and not the puck was shocking enough. There was no penalty (interference, roughing...), Boston fans cheered as though was a great play, and this all just goes to show (once again) NHL's wacko culture.

Goaltenders are the most protected players in any contact sport. Sedin was not in the crease - Thomas had no business hitting him. If he can hit a player, then a player should be able to hit him. Goalies will leave their crease to play the puck and players are not allowed to hit them? It's ridiculous.

Goalies are protected on the assumption that they are "vulnerable" because they weren't prepared to take a hit. OK, so tell me Sedin was not vulnerable and should have expected a goalie to do what I've never seen a goalie ever do before.

Folks, Big Mac and I agree on this one - that's how much of a slam dunk it is. He observed that the Canucks should have avenged this ambush attack on their star player, because had they taken a run at the Bruins goaltender, it would have cleared the bench, right?

So, thanks to Tim Thomas and the NHL, every goaltender should going to try their hand at body checking players. And that should mean, every time a goaltender ventures out of his protective crease to play the puck, players should never go around, just plow right through him. It's only fair, and if a goaltender has decided he's "just another player" who can hit - and be hit - then so be it, it's on.

But that would be just too logical for the NHL.

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