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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More NHL dumbness

A little while ago I observed NHL's oddball culture in how a hurt player's teammates show their ignoring him altogether, content rather to fight about it.

There's Miller, all alone, while his concerned team mates do what hockey players do - ignore him and fight about it. Note particularly the direction most of the fans are looking; all the focus is on the fighting. Why not just build a new coliseum and throw people to the lions? Are we any more civilized and humane?

Well, recently, we had another installment that reaffirms this absurdity. Everyone's shorts are in a knot over this collision between Milan Lucic and goaltender Ryan Miller, so much so that no one thinks to pop by and show the fellow some compassion or the least concern for his wellbeing. But this being a collision with a goaltender brings up several other issues which, all together, show just how annoying the NHL is.