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Friday, May 24, 2013

Goalies, goalies, goalies

Tuukka Rask took a risk - and also took years off the life of every Bruins fan...

Have we not talked about this? Why yes, we have. But clearly it needs to be shouted from the rafters - goalies, please stay in your crease. We need you to stop pucks that are shot at the net

For 99% of you goaltenders out there, nothing good comes from leaving the crease to pretend you can handle the puck and help your teammates. Stop thinking you are adding value. You are not. 

Enough already.

[Sidenote - I just realized that all my articles with the goaltenders tag feature the Boston Bruins. Why this is, I know not, 'cause I sure ain't no Bruins it jealousy (being in Toronto and all), or perhaps some dark expression of respect? Yikes.]