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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American League East - competitive, or what?

Only one team below .500, just 4 wins separate first place and last place, with four teams in a log-jam atop the division, all with 10 wins.


  1. Yup, the other D is back to chime in... and possibly even throw up a few blog posts of his own in the coming weeks which may or may not result in a part-time job working for The Score ;)

    The AL East is one remarkable piece of work thus far. While my heart soars at the thought of the Red Sox crashing and burning, and the fact that the Yankees may have to start factoring in old age pension to any further contract negotiations, there are some other things that deserve high praise amongst the somewhat guilty pleasure of watching the twin powers begin to crumble.

    1) Baltimores pitching. While I strongly doubt it will continue, as it isn't substantially different from years gone by and there is no reason to believe it is a permanent thing, you clearly must appreciate how the rotation of the sad-sack Orioles has ultimately caught lightning in a bottle. Kudos on a very young season well played...... thus far.

    2) Kelly Johnson's bat. While some may have questioned it (myself included) when AA acquired Johnson for Aaron Hill last season, it looks like a shrewd move at this point. Johnson is getting it done with power and contact, while also being pretty sharp in the field. Definitely not what the masses were expecting.

    3)Colby Rasmus's mentality - this kid was beaten down so bad in St. Louis, who knew what to make of him? He was a head case by the time he came here, and while no one is ever going to confuse him with the second coming of Devon White, the kid looks like he could maintain himself as an every day starting centre fielder.

    4)Travis Snider dominating AAA - have you seen his stats thus far with the 51's? If you haven't, check them out. Nuff said. Thames had best worry about giving away too many dingers with his glove.

    Can the Jays make a statement here? Without question. Can they make it the playoffs? It's certainly possible. However, I just have one question.....

    "Hey Anthopoulos, how is that Yu Darvis posting fee looking now?!"

    *Cue Epic Facepalm*

  2. Big Mac, wassaaaaaaaaap! Will look especially forward to your Stanley Cup run insights and for whatever favours you can call in to get Ovechkin and the Capitals past the Bruins tonight.

    Re: baseball, yep, the Yankees are getting old, but how about that Derek Jeter?! Rasmus is looking good, but is he a time bomb? Thames/Snider and Jays statement, I think they should realize the potential for this season and make the deals necessary to run at it.

    It'll be most interesting to see what the standings look like in July. If the World Series were played in April, we might win every year...but alas, there are 162 games in the season, and the wagon wheel gets loose around the 81 game mark.

  3. Hey hey! I'll be doing some write ups on a variety of topics, including a mock draft and anlysis of the upcoming NHL Draft (which I will be attending in Pittsburgh!), the current goings-on of the UFC, as well as my critique of the NHL playoffs.

    If only the series could be played in April... sigh. I'm confident we could MAYBE make a push for that new playoff spot, however in my mind it all comes down to the June Swoon. If this club can't make a push in the months starting with J, we're going to have a rough go. In my world, it starts with solidifying the rotation - Dustin McGowan may be a 5th starter, but if he goes back on the DL for any period of time, we're in a precarious position.