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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I've got a bad feeling about this

Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith is confident about his defense's chances against Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles. Says Smith, "We're not going to change up what we do. We believe in our defense, and it's set up to play guys like him,"

I understand the power of positive thinking, and that belief must start with the coach. I've coached an expansion team through to a championship game, so yeah, I get that.

But, a coach also analyzes things, especially us arm-chair coaches, so I've got to take Coach Smith to task here - "guys like him"? Who might that be? Hello? There is no other player, in the NFL, like Michael Vick.

It doesn't take a spreadsheet to figure this out - most of the other premiere quarterbacks have all had multiple interception games, this season: Manning? Yes. Brady? Yep. Rivers? Check. Brees? You betcha. Rodgers? Correctamundo. Favre? Fahgedabadit. (he's not a premiere QB anymore, but I had to toss that one in).

Vick? He hasn't thrown an interception since becoming an Eagle last year. As a starter, he has not yet lost a game. I repeat: there is no one in the league playing the QB position like Michael Vick.

I don't tend to make predictions, but boy oh boy, this could get ugly real quick. The Bears have already lost to the Giants this season - you know, the Giants, the last victim of Vick's relentless trajectory to MVP? And now they think "business as usual" will carry the mail?

Yes, the Giants did the best job against Vick this season, holding him without a touchdown for the first time. But, that's like an inoculation - it showed the Eagles offense things to fix, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see them trot out the tweak against the Bears, who are trying to take aim at what Vick and the Eagles have done, without being able to adjust to what they may do this Sunday afternoon.

If it's over at half time, I won't be surprised. Lovie might be, but not me.

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  1. Well, whaddya know, Bears win. I guess that's why they go ahead and play the game. Good for them, figuring out how to (finally) get an interception out of Michael Vick. Good job, Coach Smith, I tip my cap.

    Still, Philadelphia's 26 pts is the most the Bears have given up this season, so the Eagles do have some offensive power. Now, if they can only get serious about defense.

    For now, the Eagles are (rightly) looking up to the Bears in the NFC.